Written by : Richard Smith

Updated on July 1st 2019

The scene opens with a young girl around 14 years old playing soccer with her recreation team during a soccer game.

The young girl's name is Heather Adams.

After Heather makes a few mistakes during the game, she asks the coach for a subsitiution and goes to sit on the bench next to her best friend Megan Jones.

The girls are talking on the bench as Megan looks at Heather and makes the comment, well at least you got to play some today. I was only out there for 5 minutes when the coach called me off.

The girls watch as the time runs out on the scoreboard and their team loses 4 to 1.

The scene shows the girls doing a line up hand shake with the other team, a quick speech from the coach who is a parent who does not really know much about soccer and then you see the girls walking off to get in their cars with their parents.

Then you see Heather next being called to dinner at the kitchen table with her family for supper.

Her mom, Sarah asks her how she felt about the game today, and Heather tells her mom....it was okay mom. Our coach, Mrs Smith is doing all she can, but she really does not know a lot about soccer.

Well maybe things will go better next game says dad ( her dads name is Randy ) and Heather walks away from the table, kisses her mom and dad goodnight and heads to her bedroom.

Next you see Heather kneeling beside her bed, praying this prayer...
Father, thank you for loving me. Thank you for watching over my family. Lord help me to be a better person and never stop trying, amen.

She climbs into bed, rolls over with her back to the camera and the scene fades out.

The scene fades back in with Heather and Megan standing at their school lockers, putting their books away from the day and getting ready to head out the door.

You see them get on their bikes and head down the road together.

They pass by driveway where a sign for a church reads....Mount Zion Church.
They stop there at the edge of the driveway to talk and grab some water.

The girls are talking about their soccer coach when Heather suddenly looks at Megan and says, did you hear that?

The girls start riding down the driveway until they get to the church and hear sounds coming from the back side of the church. A soccer ball comes rolling from behind the church up near their bikes.

Heather gets off her bike and walks over to the ball and sees a woman off in the distance kicking soccer balls at a goal.

Heather and Megan walk over closer to the field and sit down on a bench in what appears to be a small flower area to watch the woman kick.
The goal is a little rusty and has a soccer net on it that is torn in places and not in great shape.

The woman who is kicking the ball ( who's name is Paige ) walks over to the flower garden and says hello to the girls and asks them for her ball back.

Heather looks at Paige and says....hey your pretty good. How long have you been playing?

Paige looks at them and says ... for several years and starts walking back towards the goal.

Heather yells at Paige...Hey , you think you can teach me how to shoot like that?

Paige looks at her and tells her if she comes back here tomorrow at exactly 3:30, she will try.

So, the girls say they will be there and head back down the driveway.

The next scene opens with the pastor of the church walking out the front door at 3:30.

The pastor walks over to the flower area where the girls were sitting earlier.

He sits down on the bench, looks around for a second, kneels down to pull a few weeds from beside the path through the area and then gets up and walks over to the cemetery.

The camera looks at him from the garden area from a distance as you see him just stand there for a minute.

He then turns towards his car that is parked nearby, gets in it and drives away.

The next day, Heather and Megan arrive at church at exactly 3:25 and roll up to the soccer field as promised.

They sit down on the bench in that garden area and start putting on their soccer shoes and talking about how their day at school went.

Where is the woman we met yesterday they are wondering. She is not there yet they said to each other.

At exactly 3:30, the front door to the church opens up, the pastor walks out the door locks it and starts heading around the front of the church towards the flower garden area where the girls are sitting.

Hello girls, how are you'll doing today.

The mans name is Paul and he is standing there with a preachers white neck on and dress clothes so that the girls know he is the preacher.

The girls say hello back.

The preacher sits down on a bench next to the girls facing the soccer goal and asks them what they were doing there.

The girls say they were suppose to meet someone there but they have not showed up.

They ask the preacher if he minds if they go on out to the field to practice and he says sure and so the girls walk out to the field.

The preacher tells the girls they are welcome anytime to use the field and then he sits there for a few minutes and watches them kick the soccer ball around.
He watches for a few minutes and then kneels down to pick a few weeds off near the path.

He then walks over to the cemetery and just stands there for a minute and looks around.

Slowly he walks over to where his car is parked and waves to the girls and drives off.

In the distance over near the tree line you see the woman Paige watching the girls practice without them seeing her.

She walks out of the woods and over to the girls and says, sorry I am late. I had some things to take care of, and then you get a few moments where Paige shows the girls how to properly kick a soccer ball.

The scene fades with the girls watching and learning from Paige.

The next day the scene opens with the girls once again getting to the church at 3:25 and going over to the flower garden to sit down and put their soccer shoes on.

Still there is no Paige to be found. She must be running late again says the girls to themselves.

At exactly 3:30, the front door opens to the church.

Pastor Paul steps out the front door, turns and locks it and starts heading over to the flower garden area.

Pastor Paul sits down with the girls once again at the garden and asks them how their day was.

He starts talking about the flowers and how they are blooming, kneels down and picks a few weeds, and watches as the girls start walking out to the soccer field.

You see Paul go over to the well house, grab the garden hose and start watering the flowers in the garden as he is watching the girls kick the ball around on the field.

He sits there and watches for about 15 minutes, walks over to the cemetery where he just stands there in the same spot as before and then slowly walks over to his car , waves to the girls and drives away.

Just then you see Paige walk out of the tree line and over to where the girls are practicing and start talking to them and showing them soccer moves.

The scene fades out......

The scene fades back in.....

The next scene shows Heather walking through the front door of her home and walking up the stairs to her room letting her mom know she is home.

Her mom yells , supper will be ready in a moment.

Then you see Heather and her family all sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner.

She starts telling her mom and dad of the church and how her and Megan are going there after school every day to practice soccer together.

She tells them of the lady who is meeting them there to help them learn some soccer moves.

Then the father says, yes, I know the preacher there. He used to be a great soccer player in high school and went on to play soccer at Liberty College while he was going to school to be a preacher.

If I am not mistaken ( the mom says ) he and his wife started that church together and built that soccer field behind the church for the area kids to play on.

The scene shows Heather kissing her mom and dad goodnight and heading off to her bedroom.

The scene fades out......

The scene fades back in showing Heather kneeling beside her bed, praying to God.

Father, thank you for loving me. Please watch over my family and help me to be a better person. Also God , thank you for sending me that woman to help me learn more about soccer. Amen.

The scene fades with her laying down in her bed and rolling over with her back to the camera.

The next scene opens with the girls Heather and Megan riding their bikes back up to the church at 3:25. They go over to the garden and sit down to put their soccer shoes on.

The girls notice a small plaque near a flower they had not seen before.

It reads, " This flower garden built with love for my wife" and it has the date of 2 years before todays date.

At 3:30, the front door opens to the church and Pastor Paul walks out. He walks over to where the girls are sitting.

He says hello and asks them how their day has been so far.

They say how much they appreciate him letting them use the soccer field to practice on and he says , your welcome to use it anytime.

Then they ask him if he ever played soccer and he tells them he used to play in high school and college.

He tells them of how he met his wife in college while they both played soccer for the school and jokes that she was the better player of the 2.

He then tells them how she wanted to build this field to teach area children how to play soccer.

The girls start walking out to the field when Heather looks back at Paul and asks him if he would mind showing them some soccer moves.

Paul says back, you go ahead and practice today and maybe I will join you on Monday if you will consider coming by the church on Sunday for morning service?

The girls say they will think about it and ask their parents.

You see Paul kneel down and pick a few weeds, water the garden and watch the girls kick the ball around for a few minutes and then he walks over to the cemetery.

He stands there for a few minutes and then slowly walks to his car, waves to the girls and drives off.

As Paul is driving off, Paige emergess from the side of the church.

She walks over to the garden where she sits for a minute to smell a rose.

Heather and Megan walk over to the flower garden and sit down beside Paige.

Aren't this flowers so beautiful this time of year, says Paige.

This by far is my favorite area around the church.
When there is a cool breeze blowing and you can almost smell the scent of the rain drops as there is surely a thunderstorm coming your way.

Heather asks Paige....... Do you know Pastor Paul?

Yes, I know who he is.

Paul has a great heart...says Paige.

He started this church about 10 years ago and helped build this soccer field for area children to come play on.

You can find him here almost every day, working on the grounds of the church.

He spends a lot of time watering and keeping up this flower garden. I am sure glad he does. This spot means so much to me.

He usually leaves the church at 3:30 every day to go to the hospital to visit patients who are sick.

The girls and Paige get up and head out to the soccer field where you see them start working on more soccer moves.

The scene fades out.....

The scene fades back in where you see Heather calling Megan on Saturday night and asking her if she wants to go to church with her to visit Pastor Paul on Sunday morning.

The girls agree to go and then you see Heather get off the phone kneel down beside her bed and pray.

She says...thank you Father for loving me. Thank you for watching over my family. Thank you God for allowing me to meet Paige and Pastor Paul.

She then clinbs into bed, rolls over on her side and the scene fades out.....

The scene comes back in and Heather and Megan and Heathers mom and dad are driving up into the church parking lot.

They get out of the car and start walking up to the front door where Pastor Paul is standing greeting people as they walk in.

Hey Heather and Megan. Good to see you says Paul. Heather introduces her mom and dad and they shake hands and Paul tells them how glad he is to see them.

They walk on into the church and sit down together up near the front of the church.

Then Pastor Paul welcomes everyone and talks for a minute.

You then hear Pastor Paul start to deliver the morning sermon and he starts to preach about God's love.

Several minutes pass by and then the scene fades out while he is preaching.

The scene fades back in with Pastor Paul is standing at the back door and he starts to speak to Heather and Megan as they start to leave.

Thank you both for coming today. It really was nice having you all here.

So, a deal is a deal. You came today to church so I guess I will be prepared to come out to the soccer field tomorrow and show you a few moves.

Great the girls say. See you tomorrow after school!

The scene fades out as the girls and Heathers Parents are walking towards their car. The scene fades back in with heather kneeling beside her bed and praying.....

Thank you Father for loving me, my mom and dad and watching over us....Amen!

The scene fades out......

The scene fades back in.......

Heather and Megan get to the church Monday afternoon right at 3:25.

They sit down at the garden and put their soccer shoes on.

Right at 3:30, Pastor Paul opens the door, then turns and locks them and starts walking over to the garden.

Paul takes off his white dress shirt and he has a white t-shirt on underneath.

He walks over to the garden area and sits down on one of the benches.

He opens his gym bag and pulls out a nice pair of soccer shoes and starts to put them on.

The girls ask about he plaque in the garden and Paul tells them it is in honor of his wife.

He says, his wife used to love to come out here and just sit for hours watching the kids play soccer.

She seemed to get a kick out of watching me as I coached the players and laughed really hard when I would shoot the ball and it would go way over the net.

She would always ask if she needed to come out and give me some pointers.

I would just laugh right back and her.

The girls asked Paul, why does he go over to the grave sights every day before he leaves?

Paul says..... My wife was in a terrible accident about 2 years ago and she is now at the hospital.

She is in a coma but over time her body has healed up pretty good.

The doctors say she is going to be okay, but she just needs to come out of that coma now, so we all just sit and wait.

Paul asks the girls to follow him and they walk over to a gravesite where there is a tombstone there.

The tombstone is blank.

When my wife was first in the accident, the doctors did not know if she would survive.

They had me convienced that she did not have much of a chance.

We had bought this tombstone for us to have in our future when we started this church.

Every day, I come over to this tombstone and pray to God that if it is His will, that my wife comes back to me. I pray that I do not have to put a name on this tombstone yet.

Then I go over to the hospital and sit by her side reading to her, holding her hand and talking about what happened that day praying she will come back to me.

He wipes away the tears and starts walking over to the soccer field and says, come on ladies, enough of the sad stuff, lets play some ball.

In the distance you see Paige standing near the tree line watching Paul and the girls and smiling. She is to far away though for them to see her.

The scene fades out as they walk out onto the field and start kicking the ball around.

The scene fades back in.....

You see Heather getting down on her knees and praying before she goes to bed.

Father, thank you for loving me and my family. Thank you for watching over us. I want to ask you to please be with Pastor Paul and his wife and if it be your will, bring her back to him. Amen

The scene fades back out....

The scene fades back in with the girls riding their bikes back up to the church the next day.

They walk over to the garden area and notice that the net has been replaced with a new one on the soccer goal.

The field has been marked with white paint to show the boundaries of the boxes on the field.

The grass has also been mowed.

At 3:30, Paul walks out the door , locks it and then heads over to the garden where the girls are.

So, what do you think Paul asks them?

It looks great they both say.

Thanks Paul says. I had bought that soccer net a few years ago but never had the urge to put it up since the field was not being used that much.

It is great to be back out on the field and having it being used again.

As they are walking out to the field, Heather asks Paul how his wife is doing?

About the same Paul says, but I have faith that she is going to come back out of that coma one day.

I had told her last night during my visit that I was working with you 2 girls on soccer and I could have sworn I seen a smile on her face as I mentioned your names to her.

If you girls would like to go with me to see her sometime, just let me know.

The girls said they would ask their parents and let him know tomorrow at church.

Great, I plan on going over to see her Sunday afternoon after church service so you can go with me then if you like.

In the distance you see Paige standing at the edge of the treeline watching them with a huge smile on her face.

The scene fades out.....

The scene fades back in as the girls arrive with Heathers mom and dad for Sunday morning service.

You see them walking up to Paul as he is standing out at the front door greeting people.

Heathers parents look at Pastor Paul and say...I am sorry to hear about your wife.

If you don't mind we would all like to go and pay her a visit with you when you go today.

Paul shakes their hands and says that would be great and you see them walk into the church together.

Paul preaches on " miracles and faith " and asks everyone to please pray for his wife at the end as she seems to be showing signs of improvement.

The scene fades out......

The scene fades back in.......

You see Paul and Heathers mom and dad and the girls walking down the hospital hallway.

They walk into the hospital room and all gather around the bed where Paul's wife is laying.

As the girls look at the woman laying in the bed, their eyes get really big and they look almost worried but excited.

Heather looks at Paul and asks him...whats your wife's name?

Paul looks back at her and says, I am sorry, I must have forgot to tell you.

Her name is Paige!

At that moment, Heather and Megan relize that this is the same woman who has been coming out to the soccer field and helping them learn about soccer.

Heather sits down in the chair looking confused and asks if she could have a quiet moment with Paige alone.

Sure, Paul says and they all leave the room except Heather.

Heather walks over to the bed and pulls the chair up beside the bed.

Heather starts to talk to Paige.

Paige, how can this be? I know you are the same woman who has been spending time with me out in that garden and on the soccer field at church.

Your husband Paul really needs you to come back to him. He misses and love you so very much.

Heather takes her hand and holds it with both hands and tells her, please Paige, come back to us. You have taught me so much these last few weeks about soccer and life.

I know God is not done with you yet!

It is time you stop sitting on the side lines and get back into the real game where your husband Paul and people like me, need you.

Heather slides out of the chair and down to get on her knees beside the bed holding Paiges hand.

Father, we love you so much. I know you love us! I want to pray right now that you will please bring Paige out of this coma and back to her husband who loves her so much.

Father, if it be your will, heal her, mend her and make her whole again.

As she is finishing that sentence, Heather feels the tighting of Paiges hand against hers.

Heather starts to stand up and looks at Paige as Paige starts to slowly open her eyes.

Heather runs out to the hallway and motions them all to come in.

Paul is first at her side holding her hand and crying tears of joy as Paige fully opens her eyes and looks right at Paul.

Paul bends down to hug Paige and gives her a kiss on the cheek.

Then Paul bends down on one knee and openly thanks God for bringing Paige back to him.

The scene fades as Paul once again hugs Paige.

The scene fades back in as we see Paige, Paul, Heather and Megan sitting on the benches at the flower garden at the church.

There is about 10 kids out on the soccer field as Paige sits in the garden in a rocking chair.

You see Heather and Megan start walking out to the field and they look back at Pastor Paul...Hey coach , you coming?

I will be there in just a minute says Paul.

Paul beds over to hug Paige and whisper in her ear......... I love you so much. I am so thankful God brought you back to me.

Paige says, I love you too! You did a great job keeping these flowers up in the garden she says.

Now go on out there and show those girls how to play soccer.

And if you need me to give you some pointers just let me know she says with a grin.

She throws the soccer ball at Paul and he turns to make his way to the field as the scene fades.......

The End

Written By Richard Smith

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